I am a multitasker

I am a multitasker; I can listen, ignore, and forget all at the same time.

I have been broken so much that I feel I can never get back to the always caring and good listener.

I have helped people; I always motivate people and encourage them to go after what they want. I was always at the giving end, and no one ever cared.

I always tried to put a smile on my face to encourage others to do the same. I talked people out of depression while it was slowly eating me up.

Many became my friends because I will always be there to give them the best relationship advice and strengthen their relationships. I became a shoulder for many and a helping hand. No one ever cared for me.

Others always took everything I ever wished for. I can’t d anything because I am expected to understand others and let them have it. My childhood crush was also taken away from me after my mom died, dad remarried, and he stopped caring for me.

At times, he despises me saying i bring back old sad memories that he wishes I can disappear and stop existing. My stepmom and her children always pick on me.

No one cares if I came back from school safely or what’s going on in my life. I was broken, and when I tried reaching out to people to hear me out, no one had time or space for me.

I was going crazy, and thank God I conquered all the suicide ideas that were popping up. I learned to put myself first and stop getting involved in people’s lives. I listen, ignore, and forget.


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