Hush until you heal

The human heart can bear many memories; times spent together, pains and hurts, deeds done, and all worth not. The mind might forget, but the heart will always feel it.

Our actions towards people can be disheartening and painful. We often forget that whatever we do have an effect on someone and can’t be overlooked.

I do have issues with my friends at times. It happened a particular day we were exchanging words before throwing my deepest dark secret into my face. I was just shocked that she could bring up an issue I have even forgotten that I ever told her, and it was in the classroom, with those gossip ears and eyes hovering over us like what could happen next.

My classmates ridiculed me because of my secret; it wasn’t so dark after all. I was in love with the school head boy. It didn’t end well as even my juniors laughed at my stupidity forever, wishing for things I know could never happen. I wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the school, after all.

We still made up after everything, but it even affected our friendship. I forgave her, but I will never forget how she made me become a laughing stock among my mates.

It is quite a memory. It has been years, and it still feels so fresh like yesterday. I don’t know why it still hurts, and every memory of it keeps coming back whenever I remember my high school.

The heart never forgets like the mind.     


  1. If your heart still hurts after al these years , then exam your heart in the presence of Jesus. He can handle the rough places of bitterness and scorn . He will turn your ashes to beauty . Do not be afraid to speak , to share. Healing comes in different ways. Gods perfect love cast out all FEAR!

  2. We as humans will have hurts of the heart, but thru Jesus Christ we will truly forgive. Ponder over this with prayers because if it still hurt true forgiveness hasnot happened. Your sister in Christ.

  3. I’m sorry someone was so disrespectful to you and that your memory is still painful. Maybe you can consider again what happened in 5he first place (with the boy) and recognize you were young and could make mistakes? I’ve learned to forgive myself when I forgive anyone else because I too deserve compassion. Think about it sister. xo

  4. I dont usually read things in social media but your message catched my attention. Listen once you understand that gopsip only stay for hours and for some people days only in their mind until they received another news.. it is GONE! The only one keeping far away to enjoy life and live a healthy life is only you.. nobody else. Clean up you thoughts. Tell God to reprend those thoughts. I’ll tell you more… Take the time to write down the entire story and how you felt when that happened. Go to the beach and burn that sheet out.
    Then pray and tell God and declare that it’s gone. No more .. remember, suffer is optional. And you are only wasting your time.
    No more!!! Be determine

  5. Here recently I have experience alot of hurt in my life I try to forget about it but my heart reminds me so does my mind

  6. Just check your heart if you still feel some kind of way about it. Be honest and say God I still get bother by this.Help me to be open to your Holy Spirit give me his strength to give her Grace that a Loving God give us.

  7. My daughter had a bad experience in high school. Yes people remember it but they dont think it’s such a big deal they say it was a long time ago and it’s over. So you see she was holding on and hurting over a memory people dont even think about. Go to jesus christ and ask him to free your mind of this and heal the bitterness that has built up from it. You see not only did you have a secret but you felt betrayed by your friend. It was a double whammy. I hope this helps you

  8. So, according to this, all the blacks, LGBTQs, and women should just shut up about the issues that plague their demographics. They couldn’t hope to speak properly until they’ve healed from the discriminations they’ve suffered.

    1. Really ? Out of all this POSITIVELY you could only come up with those NEGITIVE remarks ? You need Jesus , clearly YOU have some healing to do . Smh

      1. This is this the equivalent of ignorant selfish uneducated idiots pulling the ever on top “race card! Grow up my God already!

  9. When you are able to truly forgive with God’s power, the pain will be gone. You will still remember the incident , but the sting or pain will be gone whenever you recall it.

  10. There is a story of a young child who was verbally cruel – his father had him hammer a nail in the fence on each occasion. Then one day he instructed the child to remove each nail. When the task was completed, the father instructed the child to stand back and look at the fence. As the child did so the father spoke saying our hurtful actions and words are like the fence- we can say we are sorry but the hole remains…. have learned to compassionately acknowledge and accept the hurts within knowing hurt people hurt people …. few have the courage to look within which is where the key to freedom is hidden.

  11. Everyday work on New and pleasant Memories. Doing this this the hurtful ones will have less meaning to you. To the point where you can speak on them without the pain and hurt as if it were still fresh. But old!!!

  12. There is a book called feelings buried alive never die it is a very very good but I recommend it to all thank you very much for sharing impact a lot of hearts and souls God bless

  13. If we wait until our hearts heal to speak, some of us will never speak again .. Better to talk about it, if only to yourself … uh huh ….. to yourself. Because it’s easier for me to trust myself, than to trust you, or anyone else with the secrets in my heart. Don’t think that a therapist will keep your secrets … I assure you … they won’t… I worked for many psychiatrists in my career and, after a therapy session, in the next meeting, they sit around and laugh at the hurts and things that bother those who pay them big money to listen …. and … then … there are the pills ……. pills … pills … and more pills …. RIGHT ?

  14. We all have things that are hard to forget or forgive. Easier said than done. I try to hold my response, but it doesn’t happen. God didn’t make us perfect. That is why there there is purgatory. Gives us a chance for forgiveness before making it to heaven, should it take that long. Always HOPE!

  15. I am one of those that has hurt alot of people with my sharp and bitter tongue. I have PTSD after having been in Vietnam. While I did experience some tragic, bloody, inhumane things wnile there, the cumulative total amount of hurt that I have caused others far exceeds the events that broke me.

    I am so sorry for how I have treated others for these past 53 years. Sometimes, I look forward to my death because I will no longer hurt those I love.

    1. Jim Standish: I am truly sorry to hear that you’re suffering from PTSD due to having to fight in the Vietnam war. And am even more sorry to hear that you are feeling a tremendous amount of guilt, regret, & remorse for all the pain & trauma you’ve caused to others. I have no idea whether you are a praying man or not; but before you try to do anything drastic that cannot be reversed, please consider releasing all your guilt, regret, & remorse for having done all of the things that you’ve done to others to God. He is so full of forgiveness, grace, mercy, compassion, & understanding. Not only that, He is capable of healing your heart, mind, body, spirit, & soul, & making you whole once again. It would be truly tragic & a shame for you to take drastic measures in doing something that is irreversible. Give it all to God. Sincerely hope you do. Amen !

  16. I had a huge falling out with my sister a month ago. Something made her very upset and when she spoke to my daughter and me, it was like she was rabid. I usually apologize, but I didn’t do anything this time. I have idolized my sister and never expected this. But, like your post, I’m giving it time and Jesus. I know that right now anything said or done could go bad. Feels sad, hurt and helpless.

  17. OUCH! This reminds me of a similar instance when I verbally lashed out @ someone who had wronged me. I never ever intended or meant for this someone to be mocked, ridiculed, or humiliated by others. Even if I did apologize, I know it wouldn’t fix correct, or take away the harm & damage that it has caused this certain someone. I do regret & am truly sorry that my own actions led to this someone’s public humiliation, shame, & pain. Am hoping this someone as well as the person who wrote this finds true healing, relief, & peace. Amen !

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