How To Remain Goal-Focused In A World Of Distractions

The longest chapter in every success story is the one about determination. Staying committed to your goals is hard. In the beginning, the motivation is very solid. But we all know how that gusto wanes over time. One may get overloaded. Frustrated, distracted, stressed and simply veer off the set track. Well, it is hard to stay focused when a lot of other things are going on. But there are ways you can keep your eyes on the prize.

You Need A Mission Statement

If you want to be serious about your goals, you will need a mission statement. If firms create some for themselves, then you should not do any different. The declaration of your aspirations will help you direct your time and energy towards the things that matter the most. It will also help you stay committed to the all-important goals. Think about what you value, what you believe in and what you want to accomplish. A mission statement of 4 to 5 sentences should help you capture these and how you intend doing things differently.

Attend First To The Difficulties

Try as you might, the most difficult tasks will not get easier if you continue to fret about them or put them on a waiting list. You will only end up wasting your energy on the simpler stuff, rather than putting them into better. Go after the hardest job on the list right away, when you still feel fresh and have the right amount of energy. According to research, our minds are sharpest in the morning, so that is the best time of the day to get down to tough jobs. After these are out of the way, we can relax and take care of the more routine or normal work, most of which do not require the same amount of mental investment, ability and energy as would the harder ones.

Get Rid Of Vices And Distractions

Do you spend too many hours in front of a TV? Are you always playing video games? Do you find yourself on social media for literally all of your weekends? Or you cannot just keep track of what you do with your time. Well, if all this is happening, it could mean you have a lot of distractions keeping you from focusing on your laid out goals. You need to learn how to put these away. Distractions are similar to vices, but they are not the same. While a party next door can distract you, vices are the things you use when we really, really want to avoid the hard work. Do you smoke, drink or have relations with the opposite sex too frequently? You might want to dial it all down, as that will help you see things more clearly and maintain a goal-oriented mindset.

Keep Track Of Progress

What were you able to accomplish today? Did you finally learn how to trade on a foreign exchange platform? Did you finally meet your earnings target for each month? Finally made time to take that online exam and you think you are going to ace it? If you do not keep track of the little wins, no one will do it for you. Use these progresses to remind yourself of the ultimate goal and keep the motivation levels up.