Honest relations are just like water

Most times, the most real aren’t those who always stand by you; they will forever remain honest to you, no matter the turnout of events.

Honesty is just like water; it has no color, no shape, no place, no taste, but still very important to live.

People often seem to neglect honesty and its importance. Honesty must take the lead if I were to list a criterion for choosing a friend or a partner.

An honest person will always tell you the truth no matter how it will hurt you or make things sour.

It is always easier to speak the truth than lying. Honesty is a rare virtue.

An honest person is a person of integrity; people will love to associate with you as they trust you and know you can never deceive them.

Have you often wondered why your customers at some time stopped patronizing you? There might have been some points you lied to them. You could have overcharged them on a particular good, and you told them that it was the cost price, and you had no gains. You said to them it was original and out of stock.

They saw the same product in another’s shop; it was way cheaper and durable more than what you sold to them.

Do you know the number of people that might have stopped associating with you all because you are dishonest?

It doesn’t cost, to be honest, it is always easier to let out the truth and have your peace of mind. A liar never stops lying; he/ she will always make a lie to cover a previous lie, and it keeps ongoing.

Tell the truth and always keep it real with people.

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