His wife gave birth to a girl after 27 hours, and he got the news that brought him to his knees.

A romantic tale is equivalent parts great and difficult. At the point when they initially met, became hopelessly enamored and had a child, Liz passed on in labor. Matt’s activities after his demise were genuinely motivating.

Secondary school understudies Liz Goodman and Matt Logelin initially met one bright evening at a gasoline station. The two of them experienced childhood in Minnetonka, Minnesota, however their opportunity meeting denoted the start of a genuine romance story.


Liz and Matt met in high school during their freshman year. When she noticed Matt, fireworks lit up as she approached him; They never parted again—until college.

The high school sweethearts had to face the fact that they were going to colleges all over the country as graduation approached! Liz went to California, in contrast to Matt, who stayed at the University of Minnesota.


For this couple, who stayed together throughout their studies, distance was nothing. After that, Matt went on to graduate with a master’s degree from Loyola University Chicago. When he realized he had to follow his heart rather than his mind, he stopped thinking about getting a Ph.D.

Matt was aware that he couldn’t be so far from his love. He packed his belongings and moved to the Los Angeles countryside in 2005 to be with Liz.

From that point forward they kept on partaking in their life without limit. As they voyaged, Liz and Matt found new spots, gained experiences, and developed how they might interpret one another and the world they lived in. It was inevitable before Matt acknowledged he was in it and got down on one knee in Nepal to request that Liz to marry him.

On August 13, 2005, they made a promise to love each other forever in front of their Parents and friends. It was thrilling to watch these lovers seize life and their love by the horns. The young couple appears to be doing well overall.


In both their personal and professional lives, they were more content than ever. Matt worked at Yahoo!, while Liz was a financial professional at Disney within California. In order to take advantage of their newly acquired financial security, they decided to jointly purchase a home. Everything just got better from that point on.

In 2007, after two years of marriage, the couple decided to start a family. When they found out that Liz was expecting their first child, they were thrilled!


Since a considerable lot of Liz and Matt’s loved ones live in Minnesota, they couldn’t follow them on their astonishing excursion to life as a parent. The prospective guardians chose to make a move and distributed a blog to tell their friends and family about Liz’s pregnancy progress.


Despite Liz’s difficult pregnancy, the trip appeared cheerful for the happy couple who were expecting their first child. Due to severe morning sickness, the doctors advised her to stay in bed for a few weeks.


Matt paid close attention to her, concerned that she might be carrying a child. It was distressing to observe Liz, who is frequently energetic and active, confined to her bed. She was then taken to the hospital, where she was told to remain in bed for a few more weeks. Throughout the event, Matt followed their newly launched pregnancy blog. He had no idea what he would write for this website.

Due to false alarms, Liz was brought to the delivery room twice during her high-risk pregnancy, each time at least seven weeks early. He was closely monitored by the doctors because they didn’t want to risk anything.


The time had come for the baby to arrive. Liz still needed an emergency section because she was two months premature. On March 2, 2008, Matt and Liz Logelin’s lives were about to change.

After surgery went well, a couple welcomed Madeline (Maddy) Logelin into their family. She weighed just 3 pounds and 14 ounce when she was born. As invigorated as the unexperienced parents were, Liz just had a concise opportunity to see her wonderful child young lady (envisioned). Due to his premature birth, medical personnel rushed him to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Because Liz had to be watched for two more hours after giving birth, she was unable to hold their child immediately. Liz was ready and eager to meet the child who was now awake and in good health when it was all over. She started using a wheelchair to drive to the neighborhood.

Before they entered the hospital, Matt assisted his wife as they walked around the room because he couldn’t wait to hold both of the girls in his arms. They were getting the quality time they had been waiting for with their mother and children. Then something went wrong.

Matt gently assisted his wife into the wheelchair as she curled up in his arms and mumbled, “I’m dizzy.” The nurses explained that it’s common for women to pass out after giving birth in an effort to calm Matt down.

“Maybe it’s a ‘code blue,’ and people are running past me,” Matt recalled patiently. She began to weep Because she would pass away in the hospital that day, she would never be able to hold her child.


Just 27 hours, or just over a day, after giving birth to her daughter Madeline, doctors learned that a deadly blood clot had traveled to Liz’s lungs and caused a rare, fatal pulmonary embolism. Liz died at the young age of 30, just hours after giving birth from a fatal embolism. The day Matt became a parent, he lost his wife.

Matt started to worry about his life from the top of the world in just one day. He was heartbroken his subsequent essay was instead about melancholy, despite the fact that the pregnancy blog was supposed to be filled with pictures of the expanding family.


Matt’s first few weeks were the worst of his life. He thoughts returned to that fateful day at precisely 3:11 p.m. every Tuesday, when he was unable to remove his wedding ring, which caused his life to change forever. He openly wondered at times how he would deal with his new life without Lizi.

Returning home had its challenges. Everywhere Matt turned there were sour memories of Liz. Matt gave a blunt response when guests inquired about the mother of the child: “The day after the baby was born, she passed away. “It was challenging to leave home.

In those early years as a widow, Matt’s only consolation was knowing that his young daughter needed him and that Madeline was still a part of the woman he loved.

Matt made the decision to provide his daughter with the best possible education despite his sadness. He is seeking a means of expressing his anxiety and fear. He started writing for The Minnesota Star Tribune, his hometown newspaper, at a parenting forum. But it wasn’t over yet.


Maddy Logelin turned 10 on March 24
, 2018. On the same anniversary, her horrific mother Liz passed away ten years ago. Despite her terrible past, her father, friends, and family did everything in their power to give her love and happiness.


Matt wrote a blog post about the little things Maddy learns. It’s over when Madeline yells “stop.””We’re going to fire the gun,” he always says. Maddy’s interest in her mother only grew as she learned more about her through stories and pictures.
He innocently inquired one day, “Did you hold my mother’s hand when she passes away, Dad? She frequently inquires about his father’s activities and those of his late mother.


His earnest attempts to tell the truth and make sense of things for his young girl, Matt noted, “What I said won’t ever detract from what happened that day.”Maddy said, “Dad, I love you” after the call, which Matt later said was exactly what he needed to hear. Maddy, I love you as well,” he declared.

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