‘Hideous’ baby has grown into a stunning young lady.

Marianna Bowering, a dedicated mother and skilled makeup artist based in Adelaide, Australia, has garnered widespread admiration and support on the internet due to her admirable efforts to raise awareness about port-wine stain birthmarks. In a touching display of solidarity and affection for her daughter, Angelica, this talented mother utilized her makeup expertise to recreate her child’s birthmarks on her own face, aiming to emphasize the beauty and individuality they represent.

On May 6, 2018 Angelica came into the world with a port-wine stain birthmark in the shape of a heart, extending from her forehead to her chin. Although initially taken aback, both her mother, Marianna, and her father, Corey Bowering, embraced their daughter’s birthmark as a distinctive part of her identity, celebrating her unique appearance with unconditional love.

Nevertheless, not everyone held the same understanding, and the family encountered hurtful remarks and bullying from unknown individuals. Marianna recounted instances where people referred to her daughter’s face as “hideous” whenever she shared pictures online. Some commenters even went as far as suggesting that Angelica’s birthmark would hinder her chances of finding a partner in the future due to what they perceived as a “flaw.”

A port-wine stain is a birthmark characterized by its pink, purple, or reddish appearance, resembling spilled wine. As time passes, these birthmarks typically darken in color, leading some individuals to perceive Angelica’s face as if it were “grilled” or singed. While there is currently no known cure for this skin condition, laser procedures may help reduce its visibility. It’s important to note that port-wine stains do not naturally fade away, but for many children, especially when located on other parts of the body, it poses no significant inconvenience.

Children with port-wine stains have an increased risk of developing conditions like glaucoma or a neurological disorder known as Sturge-Weber syndrome as they grow older. Consequently, the Bowering couple has been meticulous in scheduling Angelica’s regular check-ups to ensure her overall well-being and monitor any potential health issues.

Marianna described the incident, saying that the comments and criticism directed at her daughter’s features were upsetting and frightening.

Marianna speak to Mirror that “The most severe comment she received online was from an individual who inquired if her daughter’s face had been forcefully pressed onto a hot skillet, essentially insinuating that her face appeared grilled or burned.”

Furthermore, Marianna shared that “the most hurtful incident she experienced in person was when an individual at a soccer game referred to her daughter as a “defect,” causing significant emotional pain.”

However, Marianna is resolute in her refusal to allow the negativity to shape her daughter’s identity. This determined mother made the choice to stand up against the bullies and actively raise awareness about port-wine stains.

On a particular day, Marianna decided to draw a heart on her own face as a symbol of solidarity, and with great care, she recreated Angelica’s entire port-wine stain using makeup. She shared these photographs on her Instagram and various social media communities, where she received an abundance of encouragement and support.

A commenter on one of Marianna’s posts expressed, “Your daughter is incredibly beautiful! The bond between the two of you is adorable. I admire how you wholeheartedly embrace her and instill proud and confidence in her.”

The immense happiness shining in Angelica’s eyes as she witnessed her mother’s face adorned in a show of solidarity conveyed a powerful message. It served as a resounding affirmation that she is already perfect as she is and that her individuality is a precious attribute to be treasured.

Marianna also disclosed that her daughter takes pleasure in playing with makeup and genuinely enjoys admiring her face with its distinctive birthmark. This fills Marianna with assurance, knowing that Angelica will develop into a self-assured and stunning individual, possessing a deep understanding of the true essence of beauty.

The port-wine stain birthmark will serve as a testament to her strength and individuality, becoming a symbol of resilience. Angelica will remain an inspiration to others, encouraging them to embrace their own distinctive characteristics and honor the inherent beauty that resides within them.

Do you believe that Angelica’s facial birthmark diminishes her beauty? What are your thoughts on her mother’s empowering approach to bolstering her confidence? Can you think of anyone who might resonate with this story? Share this piece with them and spread the message!

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