Her Dad and his Uncle had a fight. When she invited her Uncle to her wedding, her Dad refused to pay for it.

A guy on Reddit said he changed his mind about paying for his daughter’s wedding because she invited his brother, who he doesn’t get along with. Now, he’s asking for advice from other Reddit users.

After sharing his story, he talked about the problem he has with his brother.

“I’m a 46 year old guy, and my brother is 48. When I was 20, my girlfriend cheated with my brother, and it really hurt me. I told him he’s not my brother anymore. Even though I asked my family to cut ties with him, they didn’t. So, I said I won’t be around him anymore. If they want to invite one of us, they should invite him because I’m the one making the final decision.”

Later, He mentioned that her daughter informed him that an invitation would be sent to his brother.

“My daughter is getting married next spring. In our tradition, both parents share the wedding costs equally. Surprisingly, my daughter talked to me and said she plans to invite my brother and his family (who married my cheating ex). It turns out, she’s been in touch with them secretly for the past four years and wants her cousin to be a flower girl at the wedding.”

At that moment, the dad said he wouldn’t be paying for the part of the wedding he was supposed to cover.

“I was really mad. I explained my limits to her, saying if my brother’s invited, I won’t pay for the wedding. She got upset, telling me to move on from the past. I said it’s not up to her. We argued more, and she accused me of making her wedding about myself. I even mentioned I might not attend, making it all about her. She left in tears.”

Then everyone blamed him, calling him a jerk.

“My ex-wife yelled at me, saying I’m a big jerk and our daughter is upset. Then my parents called, saying the same. I argued with them and now I’m not answering their calls. My girlfriend suggested I rethink and apologize, warning that not paying and attending might damage my relationship with my daughter. I’m unsure. I believe my limits should be respected. Am I wrong for that?”

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