Her 6 Sons are criticized for their Long Hair, but when they cut it off, Everyone Understands Why.

Ask yourself these questions whenever you observe another person doing something that you find odd or objectionable: Does it harm anyone else?

If the response is “No”, you should probably leave and concentrate on your own business. If you haven’t bothered to find out why other people made certain decisions, you shouldn’t make decisions about what is best for them.

You might gain a new perspective on the entire scenario if you bothered to inquire.

Six sons are born to Phoebe Kannisto: a set of five years old triplets, a pair of eight years old twins, and a ten years old. The family lives in Cheektowaga, New York, and all six of the boys had very long hair until recently.

The length and style of one’s hair are examples of things that do not have a negative impact on other people. We ought to all respect that each person makes their own decision. It doesn’t matter if someone likes their hairstyle or not—as long as they like it.

How would it feel if someone made fun of how you looked?

However, Many people appear to be unable to grasp this straightforward idea, and they are forced to comment on everything, including the hair of a few young boys. During the time they were growing it out, the six boys were all bullied because of their long hair. Bullying didn’t just happen to kids their age; often, adults also made unjustified judgments and said mean things. And adults ought to be aware of this!

A Particular Reason

The fact that these boys grew their hair for a particular reason was something that none of the bullies were aware of. Some of the boys were close in age, and a family friend was diagnosed with cancer. They were affected by their friend’s passing and desired assistance.

As a result, each of the six boys made the decision to grow new hair and donate it to the charity Children with Hair Loss. The boys were finally able to donate 17 feet of hair, though it took months.

Watch the video below:

Think about what you’re doing before you make fun of or bully someone for something you don’t understand. It’s not your problem if it doesn’t affect anyone else!

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  1. ABSOLUTELY!!!! If You Don’t Have Something Nice To Say…Don’t Say it At All!!!! GOD BLESS THOSE BOYS AND THEIR PATENTS!!!!

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