Help when you can

Remember whenever you are in a position to help someone, be glad and always do it because that’s God answering someone else’s prayers through you.

Help people if you can, and never expect anything in return.

Givers never lack, and God never stops blessing them.

Help people when you are in the position to, because no one knows tomorrow.

I can remember when I had no shelter above my head; I was new to Lagos and didn’t have a roof over my head.

I left my state to look for greener pastures. Few months into checking almost all the hospitals around, I still couldn’t find any job.

I later saw a household that needs a live-in-housekeeper. I had no apartment of my own and jumped at the offer immediately.

I was given the job and moved in immediately. The house was a living hell for me; I was far older than her children and seems like they were all mannerless.

Each time I complained to their parents, they never stopped poking it on my face that I’m an ordinary house help who should have no business in the affairs of their kids.

I was on the verge of hitting one of the kids because of one lousy attitude she displayed; I think they saw me through the CCTV camera, and help was let loose.

They had me locked up in a police cell, after they saw no one was coming to my aid, they let me go. They chased me out of their home, without any pay for the month.

It was still a blessing for me in disguise, as I met my destiny helper; now I have finally actualized my dreams.

I had a patient to operate on, and they couldn’t fly him out of the country for a kidney transplant, it was only my hospital that can carry out the operation.

Lo and behold; it was the man I lived in his house; his kids are already grown, and they couldn’t even recognize me after many years.

Tables can turn any time; someone you helped today can be your helper tomorrow. Treat everyone rightly because no one knows tomorrow, help when you can.

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