Health comes from peace of mind

Health does not always come from medicine.

Most of the time, health comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, and peace in the soul.

One of the best tips for a healthy living is peace of mind; a happy person is a healthy person.

We often seem to neglect the importance of our mental health; we focus so much on the physical forgetting there’s something like depression, anxiety, and so on.

Peace of mind

I have seen a once plump person become so skinny because of a lack of peace of mind.

She was not far from being fat, but after her parents died life took another turn on her. She was living with one of her dad’s sisters, she was happy at first before her aunt started reminding her of her late parents.

She wasn’t maltreated or made to work more than she should, she was tormented with words. Each time she even chose to be happy, those hurtful words that were said to her keeps ringing in her mind.

Years have passed but she’s still suffering from post-traumatic stress and is now a shadow of herself.

She is now so lean, that you can never imagine that she was once chubby.

She was suffering from trauma, because of words said to her. Her peace of mind and mental health was trampled on.

Her life will never be the same, but she’s a fighter and will always pull through.

She has been seeing a therapist lately, so that she can feel better.

Health is peace of mind, a little distortion of your peace, can cost you a lot.

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