Have you ever felt like that

Have you ever felt like you did everything right, and it still went all wrong?

When I was in college; I resolved never to involve myself with any, but to get married to my books and make myself proud at the end.

Few years after, my resolve was still intact, but it didn’t last for long as I met a guy who swept me off my feet, I was willing to compromise my values and beliefs for him; I saw a life partner in him and I was willing to go any length to see that our union works.

He was perfect and I was the envy of others; many people loathed me as he changed to be a better person for my sake.

He was a promiscuous person, and it pained the rest of the women he has been with that he chose me and changed for me.

He was rich, influential, and well-mannered and was ambitious too; that was what women described as a husband material.

I had to go the extra mile to secure him; I didn’t throw myself at him, he cherished and love me genuinely and I felt I should secure it.

We were known all over campus as the prettiest and most popular couple in school, and that same way I knew that his ways never changed.

I was walking to my residence a particular day after classes when I heard them saying ugly things about my supposed lover, I didn’t seem to mind as he told me he was visiting him, so he wouldn’t be in a club like they described.

I decided to confirm as my feelings directed me to; on getting there I saw the man I loved with another woman in a compromising situation.

He called it quits the next day saying he won’t be with a nosy woman; so funny how the tables were turned and I was tagged guilty.

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