Happy Valentine’s Day

My love for you sets my heart on fire and makes each day of my life so Special. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have always wished to celebrate this day with you at the rooftop; a view where we can see the world we conquered and how far we have gone.

I always wanted to have a special day I can profess my love to you and to remind you that no matter what happens you will always remain the love of my life.

The love I have for you never stops glowing; seeing you smile sets my heart on fire and I can’t help it, but smile too.

You make me perfect and whole in ways I never imagined; you brought me close to God, rekindled the fire of reading in me once again, you helped me develop my skills and abilities; can’t you be defined as an angel in human form?

I pray that this day gives you enough reasons to smile, love, and be yourself; you make each day of my life special and I hope I make yours better too.

I never believed in true love, but here I am over heels with you.

Love is a beautiful thing especially with you; you filled my thirsty soul with love and for that, I can’t love you less.

You always give me reasons to never give up; you remind me each day that I’m a fox and my strength and vigor can never be matched.

Happy valentine’s day my love, may this special day be a love-filled day for you like every other day of your life; it’s our anniversary my love.

May we continue to grow in love.

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