Happy July 4th – Independence day

I am sending an early 4th July greeting to all my online friends and family, to wish you a safe, fun, and happy 4th Holiday. Happy independence day to all my friends and family and I wish you success, happiness, and prosperity.

Every July 4th reminds me so much of our little beginning and how far we have gone in the past decades.

4th July Independence day

July 4th happens to be also the birthday of my twins and all I can say is that July 4th is indeed God’s blessed day. I hope that today gives you reasons to live and be happy; it’s Independence Day so you have to be happy and free like a bird.

It is also the day we remember all the heroes who fought for our Independence; they are heroes whose deeds can never be washed away in the sands of time. It’s July 4th, let’s make merry and be happy, because if today didn’t happen decades ago, maybe our life would have been at its worst.

Our life could have been so rough that many of us won’t be able to survive the hardship under our colonizers. I am sending each one of us love and light and I hope that we all become patriotic to the nation. We have to make the country better and it’s only by our efforts; we can be able to leave a better place for our unborn kids.

Happy Independence Day once again, and I hope that God’s mercy never departs from your home today. Do have a nice day and enjoy today to the fullest.

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