Happy Easter to our troops

Happy Easter to all our troops and I hope that this celebration brings you peace, love, and a fulfillment of all your desires.

Happy Easter celebration to all our troops far away from home, we might never know how it feels until we are in their shoes or have a loved one who is far away from us.

This is my fifth year married and never in history have I ever spent any Easter Day with him.

Every Easter I spend the whole day face-timing him with our son and most times it feels the emptiness I feel each celebration season.

You might never understand what it feels like to be seeing someone and yet you can feel them.

I was inspired to write this because I felt there are many women out there like me who are going to be lonely this season, but I want to remind them that we can find peace and joy in our partner’s vocation.

We should never forget they are securing the nation; they are risking their lives so we and our kids can be safe.

The least we can do is to always send them Easter cards and messages; we should always remind them how proud we are to have them in our lives and the world at large.

We will always be home waiting for y’all until we can spend the Easter celebration with you.

Happy Easter to our troops once again and we pray God bless you all for your selfless service.  


  1. Happy Easter and may God bless you all. Please know you are always in our thoughts and prayers

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