Good morning train wrecks

My life hasn’t been pleasant and rosy, but I can’t stop thanking God for the gift of life.

If there are any of my traits I love so much, it should be able to take my life into my hands, and not letting anyone make decisions for me.

I always applaud myself for being the best and keeping my shoulders high even when train wreckers wanted to bring me down.

The boldest step I took in life was walking out of a loveless marriage, a marriage that has drained my happiness, energy, mental health, and all.

When I left, my parents disowned me, saying no child of theirs is going to be a divorcee, that’s either I go back to my husband’s house or stop being their child.

They never knew what I was passing through in the hands of the supposed monster I married.

I have had four miscarriages, and all thanks to him, he was the architect of them all. No one ever asked why I left, they told me marriage was for better and for worse. I wanted to stay but he keeps getting inhumane day by day.

He didn’t stop at hitting me; he started bringing his mistresses to our matrimonial home. I tried to be everything he ever wanted, but things kept getting worse. I felt he could change and he never did.

Many cases I complained to our parents, they said I was meant to build our home instead of complaining, that it is never easy.

After losing my fourth pregnancy, that I knew I wouldn’t have to keep in staying here; I was losing my sanity.

I left even when everyone called me names. I know my life depends on my actions, and I didn’t want to spend my whole life living as a broken woman.


  1. Thank God you left when you did. You could have been another statistic. Your instincts are correct.

    I will pray that you will always be safe and that your parents will stop mis-takenly judging you. That’s God’s job, not theirs. God be with you. Amen.!

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