God thank you for blessing me

I spend each day of my life thanking God for all he has done. God has shown me excess love and cares, even though the world is in chaos right now.

I wake up each day to realize I still have the necessities to live; I do not lack food, water, warmth, love, and a shelter. It is enough reason to thank him for everything.

I feel so blessed and unique that someone cares for me and loves me amid my imperfections and errors.

He is always there for me in times of distress and pain; he is not a fair-weather friend. He is my comforter and king in shining armor. He is everything I ever wished.

He knew me from when I was born; he already knows what I will become before my existence. He is always there in each step I take in life.

The β€˜β€™He’’ is no other person but God, the author of my life.

I thank him each day of my life because he has done what no other person can do.

I feel so unworthy of his love and protection. No matter how I run away from him because of my sins, he never stops calling me his child; is there any love higher than this?

God take charge of my life the way it should go; you are the architect of my existence and essence.

I will always proclaim your blessings and wonderful deeds in my life. Thank you for blessing me.