Funny about getting older

The funny thing about getting older is that your eyesight might weaken and yet you can see through many people better.

When I was younger, my old granny with her poor sight and sense of smell was able to always differentiate good people from real people, all she needed was to hear your voice and that does the magic.

I felt her brain has deteriorated too because I didn’t see the possibility, but now I know better.

Over the years when my eyes started falling me; I was still able to do things I did before.

I was a good typist and even with my poor eyesight it never changed; I was still fast and exceptional, even though my error percentage increased, but I was still good.

Along the line when I totally lost it and couldn’t even walk properly, but I was still able to see people through their souls; I didn’t know how, but I could see what younger people couldn’t see.

When my last grandchild wanted to get married; I warned him about this young lady he claimed he loved; I told him she wasn’t a good woman like she presented herself, but he laughed at me saying ‘granny, you can’t possible see so how were you able to know the kind of person she is, everyone laughed.

Few weeks into their courtship, their relationship was already shaking and my grandson had to pull-out.

He came back and was shocked how I knew a lot about someone who I was meeting for the first time; I told him she had a bad aura surrounding her; my heart couldn’t just accept her.

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