Every beautiful story has its own errors and mistakes yet it still came out perfect. 

In this life, mistakes are bound to happen, plans fail, untold pains and unforeseen circumstances but life never stopped it keeps moving and unfolding new series of realities each day.

Whatever that will bestow honor on you must take something from you. Success doesn’t come in a day. Success comes out of lines of mistakes and failures but what matters is that in the end, it was worth doing.  

Each day comes with its own challenges and trials. Without challenges, we can never know how strong and steadfast we can be. Every moment of our life is always there as a guide to greatness. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Life is a game and every game has obstacles and set back. They are there to make you stronger and not to hold you down. Every mistake is a step forward to something greater. 

Life can also be seen as a race and sometimes even the best spinsters go down but what really counts is their ability to stand high, struggle and overcome and finally go up again. Always see a mistake or failure as an opportunity to work harder and go higher.

Success has histories, sad ones, and happy moments. These two aspects of life help to shape one into a better person. If we never make mistakes that means we haven’t tried something new or go further from our comfort zone. 

New inventions are products of numerous mistakes and errors but they never stopped striving to become perfect and at last, it was a step to greatness and much-hidden knowledge.    

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