Five girls take a prom picture, and it becomes popular because of a small hidden detail.

Every teenager should enjoy their prom night. Just like everyone else, these young girls were excited about the big day and dressed up for it.

They became famous together!

Some people were amazed when they noticed the hidden detail.

To learn why everyone is talking about it, just keep reading!

In the United States, most high school students are younger than 21, which is the legal drinking age. However, some countries have lower age limits for drinking.

In the UK, you can drink at 18, but you still can’t bring alcohol to school events where children are around.

However, some students try to find ways to break the rules and have a drink or two before going to the dance.

At proms, the adults in charge are usually trained to keep things in control and spot if someone seems drunk so they can step in.

Sometimes, students come up with clever ways to sneak alcohol into their classrooms.

This picture shows the funny and mischievous things college students do.

This prom girl has hidden a huge flask under her shirt. How did she do it?

She turned a big silver flask into a clutch bag!

When you first look, you might think her silver clutch is just a normal bag, but if you look closely, you’ll see it’s something else!

Eleanor Clarke, a student from Britain, wasn’t going to allow rules to stop her from enjoying time with her friends.

She had what seemed like a shiny clutch purse and wore a beautiful outfit.

The large flask hidden in the clutch bag was soon discovered.

She didn’t use a regular bag because she knew she’d probably fill it with liquids.

Eleanor was surprised that she managed to do this and didn’t say if she put alcohol in the clutch. She wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “I still don’t know how I used a big hip flask as my prom clutch.”

She got the $12 flask from Tiger, supposedly.

She cleverly hid it where everyone could see, and no one knew until she revealed her plan!

This is a real story. We wish Eleanor and her friends all the best as they move on to the next part of their lives.

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