Everything in Life is Temporary

It might not look like it on some days, but nothing in life is permanent. Good or bad, everything that has a beginning has an end.We can get so tied up in a phase or situation that we think it is not going to end. Life does not work that way.

Knowing that nothing in life lasts forever, this should really inform our decisions on how we live our lives.

When the going is good.

We know that life has its ups and downs. There will be times when life is good. People are healthy, the economy is thriving, people are progressing, and everything is working fine.

We will never know the value of such moments until we no longer have them.

That is why it is important that we celebrate life to the fullest when everything is good.

Let’s not take the good times for granted.

We may not realize that those moments we have that are good might not always be there.

We must take advantage of the good times.

When things are great, let us learn to enjoy them to the full.

We will never appreciate the beauty of being able to take a walk until we are forced to be locked up in our homes.

A road side food truck can be overlooked until we can get them again.

That is why we must appreciate every moment.

We must show love not only to our loved ones but to those around us. Keeping to one’s self is all well and good till we have to keep to ourselves, and we begin to wish we had the neighbor’s phone number.

The sun can be too hot till we were stuck indoors for days on end due to a storm or pandemic, then we begin to miss the sun.

Therefore, spend time in the sun and in the sands, smell the flower before they whither. Take your time to know people and really know them. Try new things, be good, be kind, be loving. Being a light to people while you can, because, one day, you might not be able to, and then you will wish you had.

When things are not great.

The same way there are good days, so will there be das days and more good days, the bad days will also pass.

While it is important to enjoy the good times, during bad times, having faith and hope is vital.

Regardless of how bad things are, they will always come to an end.

Whatever crises you might be facing, always have this at the back of your mind: nothing lasts forever.

In such moments, continue to stay positive and hopeful. Do not give up faith.

Remember the good times and work to ensure that the bad times are shortened.

Do not be afraid to dream of better days.

It is easy to get caught up in a web of pain and despair,  but it will do you no good if you get caught up.

Stay hopeful.  Have faith, and the bad days will always pass.


  1. Jesus has been with each us through many moments when life was one breathe from being over here. In 1984 I passed through the door that separates this world from the one beyond. I can personally tell you the Lord GOD is there and loving HIS children. While I felt HIS Grace I fear it is different for those who have rejected HIS Grace in this world. I ask to stay and care for my family. The Father graceously allowed me to return to them.
    Do you know The Lord personally? Now is a good time to ask Him to take control of your life .

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