Everyone needs a hug

A hug is a fat-free, sugar-free, and requires no battery soothing effect. It also relieves pain and depression.

I was always regarded as a mom’s boy because I never leave for school or went to work without getting a hug from my mom.

When I was still in high school I made sure to always hug her because it practically eases my stress and never wants to let go.

I always made sure she picks me after school so that I couldn’t miss hugging her. My siblings felt I was depriving them of the presence of our mother, but I cared less.

When I was in college, I chose to school somewhere from home while my siblings preferred abroad. I always love being around my mom, she has a way of making everything peaceful and hopeful whenever she hugs me.

When I started working she moved in with me in the staff quarters, and anytime I get stressed out at work I always remember her soothing hug and it gave me enough zeal to keep grinding.

Always share a hug when you can; it can save one from depression. Be shoulder to someone, offer a hug let them pour out their emotions, because a hug is free; it doesn’t take anything from you if you provide a hug.

Everyone needs to be shown love and hugged; it always comes in handy when the chips are high. Offer people hugs readily, because it can soothe a burning soul. 

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