Every time we go out to eat, my boyfriend conveniently “forgets” his credit card, so I end up paying for everyone.

A woman had been dating her boyfriend for a while when she noticed something happening every time they went out to eat. Eventually, she got fed up with it and decided to do something about how she felt.

A 32-year-old woman had been dating her 39-year-old boyfriend, who had two young kids, for nine months. They had a big fight because he kept doing something that upset her.

She asked people on Reddit if she was overreacting. People on Reddit shared their thoughts about her boyfriend.

The woman worried about her behavior because she did it in front of her boyfriend’s kids. He said she was selfish for not thinking about them.

She explained that his children enjoyed going to restaurants, so they did it once a week. But every time they went, her boyfriend conveniently forgot his card at home.

Every time her boyfriend forgot his card, the woman had to pay for the meal. At first, it didn’t bother her, but she ended up broke because she paid so many times in the past month.

One night, after getting paid from her second job, they were going out to eat with his kids. Since she knew he often “forgot” his wallet, she texted him to remind him to bring it. He just laughed it off.

When they got to the restaurant, her boyfriend’s kids ordered a lot of expensive new items from the menu, which the woman found costly.

Before they started eating, she asked her boyfriend if he had his wallet to make sure he didn’t forget it again. When she asked, he looked surprised and started patting his pockets, searching for the wallet.

After searching for his wallet for a bit, he looked at the woman with a guilty face and admitted, “I must have left it in the other pair of jeans I was planning to wear.”

The woman’s boyfriend asked her to pay for dinner this time, but she was fed up. She quickly gathered her stuff, ready to leave without eating.

When her boyfriend saw her leaving, he asked what she was doing and where she was going. She said she wasn’t going to pay for him and his kids again and walked out of the restaurant.

Later, the woman’s boyfriend called her and called her selfish for leaving him and his kids like that. She explained she wouldn’t keep paying for them every time they went out because it wasn’t fair.

He yelled that he forgot his wallet and she didn’t show any sympathy. He also said he had to cancel their food order and take his hungry kids home because he couldn’t afford their meals.

The couple argued, and the woman’s boyfriend said he needed to reconsider how she was treating his kids. He repeated that she was okay with letting them go hungry because she was selfish.

When she posted about it on Reddit, she said her boyfriend was still mad at her for leaving during dinner. People on Reddit commented, and most agreed that he was taking advantage of her.

What do you think the woman should have done? Was it okay for her to leave her boyfriend and his kids after he forgot his wallet, or should she have paid for them and talked about it later?

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