Sometimes, Enough is Enough

Only nice people will understand the sheer frustration that comes from dealing with people who think that niceness is a license to take a person for granted.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being nice. In fact,  it is important that everyone practices being nice to one another.

We know that life is short and we don’t have forever with each other.  We must make sure every moment counts by treating each other right.

Despite the need for people to be nice, it is also important that nice people know when to say enough.

A time to be nice.

Being nice never goes out of fashion. It is always good to do nice things. When the situation calls for it, be nice to people.

There is a popular saying that there is time for everything.

When it comes to being nice, it should be something that happens every time. Unfortunately,  life does not work that way. While we will wish that we can be nice all day, every day, there are sometimes when being nice might have to be put on the back burner.

Here is the deal; there are times when being nice is the best thing to do. When you get an opportunity to be and do good deeds, do not hesitate. Go out of your way to show kindness to people. Be polite to the people you come across.

Do not let life and its problems make you hard.

Find joy in showing kindness to all you meet.

When are have finished doing all these and then come across those people who delight in making it tough to be nice, put your feet nice?

Enough is enough.

In the midst of being nice and caring, there will come a time when you will have to put your feet down and say,” okay, enough is enough”.

There is no time frame for how long you can be nice, but there is time to be nice and a time to say enough!.

How do you know it is time?

When it’s becoming harder to be nice because the person keeps taking your niceness for granted.

When people want to take advantage of your niceness because they believe you would not react.

It is okay to be nice, even when the other person isn’t, but when your niceness is putting you I’m a disadvantaged position, it is time to put our feet down.

A similar situation happens when we are raising kids. Even though we want to allow them to have fun and explore, there comes a time when we say enough. Enough of the running, enough of the playing. We put our feet down and deliberately make them do something worthwhile.

The same thing applies to handling issues of niceness.

When the situation is getting out of hands and your being nice seem to be making things more difficult, 

do not be afraid to put our feet down and say “enough is enough”.

That way, you can control the situation without losing your niceness.


  1. Nice Matters is the logo for Emerald Isle, NC. There is a state mandate to stay at home, yet people are coming to the beach and taking offense with the signs at both ends of the bridge that say Stay Home. After reading your post I want to say to all that feel offended at this time that Enough is Enough. We are all in this Pandemic together. Let’s win together.

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