Due to the Tenant’s failure to Pay The Rent, The landlord locks the front door.

Many people have contracted COVID-19 Due to the pandemic, thousands of people have lost their jobs, leaving them without a job or on nothing. One mother in particular was in the same boat and had a difficult time owning a home. Hannah McGee, a resident of Fenton, Missouri, is struggling financially. She lost her restaurant job during the global pandemic, leaving her with unemployment as she only source of income. Hannah struggled to pay her bills, feed herself and her daughter, and survive on unemployment. The rent, which involved something she had never seen a landlord do, was one of the bills she struggled with.

As she has for a many of years, Hannah McGee resides in an apartment complex. She lives next door to her mother, who has rented the same apartment for more than 13 years. Hannah owes her landlord $1,000 because she fell behind on her rent for two months after losing her job. Angry about this, the landlord took matters into his own hands. This landlord, on the other hand, took a different approach than most landlords do when they do not receive rent payments. When Hannah returned to her apartment from a job search one day, she discovered that her landlord had taken away her front door. Her belongings were exposed when her front door was taken down, putting her child in danger from the elements and giving local thieves easy access to her house. This mother took a big hit because of the cold weather and the fact that her house was exposed.

According to this struggling mother claims that the landlord has always been friendly to her. She claims that she has never been in financial trouble and has consistently paid her rent on time. Hannah came to the realization that the landlord’s drastic action was the result of a single error when the pandemic resulted in Hannah losing her job and finding herself without a job. Hannah McGee says, “My Christmas tree is right next to my door frame where there is no door.” How we will open those presents on Christmas, I have no idea. Her belongings are in jeopardy, and the weather is threatening her health, making this a very trying time. She is currently attempting to resolve the issue and get things back on track while her child lives with her grandmother. Hannah McGee makes the observation that many people face much worse situations and is making an effort to find humor and the positive in this troubling situation.

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