Due to a secret condition, the husband unexpectedly passes away, leaving his wife and 8 children.

James Green had harbored a strong desire to become a father. Consequently, when he and his wife, Cloe, anticipated the arrival of their first child, his enthusiasm was evident.

As their family grew with the birth of their second child, the British couple made the decision to continue expanding their family.

Whenever Cloe believed their family was complete, James would playfully wink and say, “Just one more, Clo.”

James had a deep affection for fatherhood. While Cloe took on the role of a full-time mom, James worked from home to ensure he could be present for his children as often as he could.

James handled the daily school transportation for the children and dedicated most evenings to them. He was a caring, active, and seemingly robust father.

However, when their fifth child was born with cerebral palsy, James and Cloe concluded that their family had reached its desired size. Cloe visited the doctor and received a contraceptive implant.

However, when Cloe experienced an unplanned pregnancy, James saw it as destiny.

The couple went on to have eight children, and at that point, they both felt that their family was ultimately fulfilled.

Then, on December 4, 2015, merely 12 weeks after welcoming their newest addition to the family, life took an abrupt turn.

Cloe awoke in bed and discovered that James had stopped breathing.

Cloe and James, who were teenagers when they first fell in love, frequently discussed their desire to have children at the outset of their relationship. James had a strong desire to start a family early and build a large one.

James, a kind-hearted individual, was a substantial presence with an abundance of love to share.

When Cloe was pregnant for the first time, she was just 17 years old. She and James were excited about having Leo, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Following the arrival of their second son, Levi, Cloe and James grew more certain of their desire for a sizable family.

Two years later, Chloe became pregnant with Oliver, and shortly after that, they welcomed their first daughter, Megan.

Before long, little Miley was born, and her arrival came with the challenge of cerebral palsy, necessitating special attention.

Given the sacrifices involved in caring for Miley, Cloe and James mutually agreed that their family had reached its desired size.

To prevent any further pregnancies, Cloe received a contraceptive implant.

However, destiny had a different path in mind. Unexpectedly, Cloe found herself pregnant once more.

“Cloe remarked that James believed it was destined for us to expand our family with more children,” she shared.

Before long, Lacey and Lexi entered the world, both also facing the challenges of cerebral palsy.

Similar to their previous pregnancies, James was filled with enthusiasm. However, this time, the couple made the decision that they would be content with having eight children.

James was unquestionably an exceptional father. His entire existence centered around looking after the children, and with eight kids in the household, it demanded a significant amount of their time.

While Cloe was a dedicated full-time mother, James worked from home to ensure they could fully commit themselves to their children.

“He would handle the school drop-offs, work at the café, and then collect the kids,” Cloe recounted. “After that, he’d engage in playing games and reading with them until bedtime. His energy seemed boundless.”

Three months after they joyfully embraced Elijah into their family, the unimaginable occurred.

Cloe and James retired to bed as they typically did…

However, at approximately 4:30 in the morning, James exhibited unusual behavior. He abruptly sat up in bed, experiencing complete numbness. Subsequently, he had a seizure and eventually ceased breathing.

Cloe administered CPR to her husband until paramedics arrived and assumed control.

“I wanted to let out my anguish and tears, but I understood the importance of remaining composed,” Cloe shared.

James passed away in their bed, at the young age of 31.

Severe Heart Condition Due to Hypertension
Unbeknownst to anyone, James had been dealing with elevated blood pressure.

He had a condition known as hypertensive heart disease, a type of heart ailment triggered by long-term high blood pressure.

A considerable number of individuals with this condition are often unaware of their affliction, and this was true in James’s case.

Moreover, since James didn’t undergo routine medical check-ups, which are advisable for all adults, the severity of his condition remained unknown to everyone.

James’s passing was both abrupt and profoundly startling. Family and friends rallied around to provide solace to Cloe, who found herself alone and shattered, responsible for eight children.

“In my most difficult moments, I questioned how I could possibly navigate this journey without James. Yet, when I gazed at those eight innocent faces relying on me, I realized I had to persevere, not only for them but also for James,” Cloe expressed.

In memory of James, Cloe redoubled her commitment to their children.

Cloe emphasizes that her cherished recollections of James with their children are her source of solace.

“He cherished fatherhood above all else and has empowered me to be a resilient single parent,” she stated.

Cloe, alongside her children, preserves James’s memory through heartfelt gestures, such as releasing balloons into the sky, ensuring he remains a part of their lives in a simple yet beautiful manner.

Cloe acknowledges that there will forever be a void in her heart where a part of James’s spirit resides. However, she finds solace in knowing that her husband’s desire for a large, loving family came true.

The Green’s community has been immensely supportive of Cloe and her children. They’ve undertaken various initiatives, including raising over $10,000 to revamp the family garden, providing the children with a delightful place to enjoy.

Cloe has endured challenges that no one should ever have to encounter, yet, in numerous aspects, she has emerged as a more resilient individual following the tragedy.

Witnessing her determination to stand up for herself and her children is undeniably inspirational.

Let’s spread the word about this heart-wrenching tale to honor Cloe’s bravery and pay homage to James’ remarkable parenting!

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