Don’t misinterpret me

Most of my misunderstandings are because of my tone of voice. People think I am angry even if I am just explaining my point.

My life wasn’t the sweetest while growing up, as I already knew each misunderstanding I ever had in the house comes with a slap.

I was born in a family you dare not raise your voice at a senior, talk more of your parents.

I was born with a high pitched voice; a voice that can’t be differentiated from talking aggressively or defending yourself.

Many times I was accused of something or trying to give reasons why I couldn’t perform a particular duty; it always looks like I’m shouting and being uncivilized.

I hated myself at some certain points in my life, I hated always been referred to as a loud child, I hated that when I talked my voice will echo through the streets.

I later got to understand God never makes mistakes while creating people. I am a public speaker today, and most times I can talk to a crowd without a sound system.

I realized the importance of what I had and never let people pick on me because of my loud voice.

Someone who doesn’t know me will call me a loud voice, and someone who always shouts at people, but that it is the least of my worries.

I appreciate God’s creation in my life, and will never for once again question his art. If you don’t understand me because of my tone, fine that should be your problem, just don’t misinterpret me.


  1. I get misinterpretated all of the time. And it usually ends in something going terribly wrong for it!! I can’t handle it.. then those reading so far into my life try to confuse and hurt me and it’s sad I have to see mistake over mistake without the person being accountable…

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