Don’t let your past define you

When something bad happens to you; you have three choices, to let it destroy you, or let it define you, or better still strengthen you.

I always thank God for not letting us look like what we have been through. Life hasn’t been at it’s best, but I thank God for letting me see another day.

I have been through the worst, but I can still smile after what I have seen and been through.

I didn’t let my past define my future or the present, I let it become my guide to success.

Our past shouldn’t define our future or what we become it should be our help towards becoming a better person.

You are not the only person who has been through the worst and it shouldn’t bring out the dark part of you. 

I never dreamt that my life will be better like it is now. I always a bitter person who was tired of humanity. I was tired of existing because of how the world treated me. I wished I was never born, but it’s all in the past.

Your past should be the reason for you to do better, but not for you to become toxic or let your demons take over you. Your past should give you reasons to go further and become a better person.

Don’t let your past define you; you should set your own pace and create the lath you want to follow.

Don’t let anything be a hindrance to greatness. No matter how bad your past is don’t let it define your present and future; you can do better than that.

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