Don’t judge others

Every time you judge someone you reveal a part of yourself that needs healing.

No one is perfect; we are all working towards perfection.

I always thought I had it all; looking at myself I always see a perfect little woman who already has her life figured out.

I wasn’t someone to condone errors; I expected everyone to be perfect just the way I am.

I was always someone to judge people by their mistakes and never to forget the little errors they committed.

I was quick to judge others even without listening to their side of the story. I had a course mate who was a call girl; I never stopped telling people who she was at any given time.

I detest her a lot because of her life; I felt she wanted fame and a luxurious lifestyle as that could be the only reason she could go into something dirty like that.

One day she confronted me because of it and I didn’t waste time in telling her to her face she’s a call girl and there’s nothing she will do about it.

By her facial expression, she was hurt but I was the least that cared. She broke down and told me that if only she has the life I’m living she couldn’t have turned out the way she did.

She is an orphan and as the eldest, she was set to carter for her siblings. After the death of her parents; her parent’s relatives took everything and let nothing for her and her siblings.

I was touched by her story and knew how bad I have been. I judged her without hearing her side of the story; she’s doing whatever she can to survive.

Do not judge people; you aren’t God the least you can do is speak to the person; no one is perfect we all have our shortcomings.

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