Don’t change how you treat your woman

At times, relationships don’t get to last because of many reasons. People often turn a blind eye to the key things that can move their relationship to a greater height.

Have you often wondered how the loving partner and the wife you ever dreamed of, changed overnight? You might think it is like a woman to adjust after getting into a relationship, but the fault all starts from the man.

Women love men that care for them and show unrequited love. She fell in love with you because of how you wooed her and treated her at the very beginning and not the man you have become.

I have seen this topic brought up many times, but the men always compared to a politician contesting for a post; that campaigning and he gets the office, that there is no use of the campaign anymore.

I object to that reasoning. Women aren’t materials or posts; people often tag them the weaker sex. They are emotional and reading meanings a lot into actions portrayed by the opposite sex; they aren’t weak and shouldn’t be seen as such.

The way you treated her at the beginning when you were trying to get her should be the way you always treat her.

Don’t change for any reason or else she will change. Most times, this has been the cause of the end of many relationships. You no longer bring her flowers like you do in the beginning or go for dates. You suddenly turn busy. Why won’t she leave you for someone better?

Don’t change after you have won her heart; show the different ways you can love her and make her feel like a queen she is, she won’t leave you for any lame reason.


  1. Yes and no. Yes I quit treating her as number one! No it wasn’t I who caused the relationship to fall apart? Or you could say I fell in love with a killer! Who but the woman I thought I knew could have an abortion against my freedom of choice? My opinion didn’t matter to her or any higher power that she might have! Im a lover and not a killer! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of my life honey!

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