Do not judge people

Do not judge people for the choices they make when you don’t know the options they had to choose from.

You can never know what someone is going through as you can never be in someone’s shoes.

God said not to judge, I wonder why we all are comfortable judging others as if we were made a judge over them.

Life isn’t the same for everyone and no matter how we try to act like we understand each other’s plight we never really do.

I once had a roommate who never went home during breaks and she never invited us to the house either.

At times, we talked about her, and felt like either she was the prodigal child and her parents didn’t want her home or she isn’t so proud of her background and didn’t want us to see the poor girl in our midst.

We started avoiding her and we tried to track her house and maybe expose her fake life as she had all the luxury accessories one could wish for.

I decided to talk to her one day and even when I accused her of being secretive about everything about her, keeping her background a secret to be able to get into the elite apartment in college; she didn’t talk but just stared at me.

She sat me down and that was when she told me she knew all that we said about her, but she wasn’t bothered because we all judged her even when we always acted like her friends.

She informed about her family crisis, and her parents are divorced, her dad remarried and everything changed.

Her father left her in the hands of her stepmother as he was never always around and she never treated her better. I realized my foolishness and apologized; I judged her wrongly without knowing what she’s going through.

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