Do not judge others

Before you judge me, make sure you are perfect; if you aren’t then shut up.

Please don’t judge people.You don’t know what it took someone toget out of bed, look and feel as presentable as possible and face the day. You never truly know the daily struggles of others.

At some points in our life, we have talked bad about others, judged and made jest of them without knowing their plight or whatever they are going through; even if they aren’t going through a rough phase we have no right to judge others.

When I was in high school, there was a girl we all hated and talked trash of because of her wayward life. No one wanted to associate with her or even talk to her; we all ostracized her and we hoped that she wasn’t in our set either as she brought bad names to us too.

Anytime she passed we made it a point of duty to throw jabs at her and remind her that she would rot in hell as she’s a chronic sinner. We all felt we were better than her; we judged her as if we were God and didn’t want to hear the reasons why she did what she did.

We all marked her as someone who won’t make heaven no matter what and we felt so sure about ourselves without knowing we weren’t better. God said we shouldn’t judge one another and we were sinning through our noses too while thinking we are perfect and without sin.

I got to know of my wrongs and went to apologize to her in her home, and I saw her crying uncontrollably. She was drunk and was saying things I couldn’t comprehend properly.

I got to know during that moment that she was forced into prostitution by her adopted parents and she couldn’t do anything about it as they threatened to kill her. I was ashamed of myself, for judging her when I didn’t know what she was going through and even made life in school worst for her.

Luckily my parents were social workers and the guardians got their jail terms. My parents got a therapist for her and she had to spend 6 months in a rehabilitation center.

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