Ditch The To Do-List And Create A To-Be List

By the time we reach midlife, a lot of us have a lot to juggle with. With the people we have to take care of, the bills we have to pay, and a long list of goals, it is fair to say we have a lot to be responsible for. As such, it is not strange to have a to-do list that is a mile long. Well, no one says you should ditch that list, only that things might be better if you had a to-be list in addition.

What’s A To-Be List?

It is more or less a different way to approach your day and goals in life. The to-be list focuses on the qualities that you want to have, how you want to show up and the parts of your personality you want to shed the spotlight on in any situation. To simply put it, such a list is meant to answer the question: who do you want to be? What kind of person are you trying to become?

What if you ignored the need to catch up on the check marks on your to-do list before stepping into your pajamas and brushing your teeth? What about sitting in the quietude of somewhere in your house and reflect on how you were that day before hitting the sack? You should consider how you felt and how others seemed to feel around you, rather than just narrowing it down to what you were able to accomplish.

Why It Matters

Doing stuff can be tough. Going through with tasks from your to-do list one after the other is a monotonous process. Sometimes, you would think that if you try to be a certain way or assume another role, your to-do list will undergo some changes. If you find out that only a few to-do actions in your list are not relevant, why not create a perfect to-be role for those actions and see whether they’d fit better? Having a to-be least allows you to more critically question your own actions. You begin to evaluate how you interacted with people, how you made them feel and how your social life is turning out. But most importantly, it allows you to strive to be the best version of yourself. Your behaviors, actions, thought patterns and inner presence all begin to come to life, especially if you overlooked them before.

Being So, you had huge beautiful check marks beside every item on your to-do list at the end of a 24-hour period, But there may still be room for improvement in the “being” department of your daily life. Be more conscious of how you live, irrespective of the things you get done. From today start reflecting, learning, and growing from the hours you just experienced. You can start by prioritizing the living component over the doing component for the upcoming 24 hours. Do not forget to actually write a to-be list instead of a to-do list for tomorrow.