Despite the warnings he received about the gorilla he had raised, I couldn’t help but shed tears when they reunite after five years.

The primary objective of the Aspinall Foundation is to repatriate gorillas held in captivity to their native habitats. Over the course of the last decade, Damian Aspinall has overseen the successful reintroduction of numerous gorillas to the wild. Amidst this journey, one particular gorilla, Kwibi, held a profound significance for him. Damian nurtured Kwibi until the age of five, at which point he was reintroduced into the jungle. It was widely believed that their paths would never cross again. However, after a span of five years, Damian made the decision to reconnect with his former companion, despite receiving warnings that Kwibi might have become acclimated to the wild and could display aggression towards any attempts at contact. The following video unveils the remarkable outcome when these two friends reunite after an extended separation. The result is truly awe-inspiring, and within mere moments, a heartwarming sensation enveloped me. Witness their poignant reunion by watching the captivating footage below.

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