Despite facing criticism, the lady accepts her status as a dog.

A young lady aspires to be a man’s closest confidante.

Meow Dalyn chose to identify as a dog rather than as a person, choosing to go outside of the gender identification continuum.


Learn more about Meow Dalyn and the guys she refers to as her “handlers” by reading on. Despite being harassed by detractors who claim she’s “psychotic,” the lady claims she’s steadfast in her resolve to “be the dog” and in “the moment of just chasing the ball.”

In a tough place where everyone is focused on themselves, one lady has chosen to be different.

Meow Dalyn has fake dog ears, a furry tail that wags, sharp teeth, and she wears a collar.

Meow Dalyn, who calls herself “dog girl” and “e-puppy,” says she’s completely engrossed in life as a dog—a dalmatian, to be exact—in an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

She introduces herself to the Australian radio program hosts, Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands, as “My name is Meow like a cat, but I am a dog.”

“At that time, why did you name yourself Meow?Jackie O queries the hybrid dog-human.

Meow responds, “It’s kind of like whenever you have a really small dog, like a Chihuahua and you name it Hercules,” to the question that we’ve all probably been wondering.

Just like regular pet dogs, Meow relies on humans to give her treats, take her outside to do her business, and she has three people who help train her.

“I have handlers. They’re sort of like dog trainers,” Meow said when talking about having a boyfriend. “They give me food, take me for walks, and we practice training, which I really enjoy because I get treats.”

Her handlers give her yummy treats like shredded chicken, biscuits, and jerky.

The cosplayer also states that she uses real dog chow in her meals, enhancing the flavor with human elements to make “bland” food seem more appealing.

And unlike other puppy training programs, there is no charge for Meow’s teachers.

She remarks, “It’s funny I don’t have to pay anyone to spend time with me,” clarifying that she and the handlers are friends who like playing with puppies rather than being in a romantic connection.

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“The dog part of me is how I live every day,” she said. “So I don’t feel the need for it in the bedroom.”

Let the dog out

Describing it as lycanthropy, turning into a wolf, Meow says her dog-like actions include playing fetch, chewing bones, and sleeping in a dog crate.

“I have soft, colorful blankets and pillows in my dog cage,” Meow says about where she sleeps every night. “Being in a small space makes me feel safe, like the world is safe from me or I’m safe from the world. It’s definitely comforting!”

She adds that the comfort comes from being a grown-up and being able to make her own decisions.

“The joy of playing and being fascinated by the world is wonderful,” she said. “I thought, once I earn my own money and pay my own rent, I can really do whatever I want – and I chose to be a dog!”

Puppy Play

The lady, who openly acts like a dog on social media, faces constant criticism from online users for embracing her dog-like side.

“One person online says there’s no limit to human foolishness,” shares one internet user. “Another person says you must be from a mental hospital,” adds another.

A third comment reads: “There was a time when acting like this would be seen as crazy, and she’d be sent to a hospital.”

But Meow doesn’t let the negativity get to her; she concentrates on what brings her joy.

“I don’t pay attention to how others react to me because I’m busy living in the moment, playing fetch and being like a dog. I like to entertain whoever I’m with,” she explains.

And the online fans she cares about are the ones giving her positive feedback.

“You’re so cute and great at making content,” says one fan, while another writes, “So adorable, I might just want to adopt you.”

Another person, impressed by her attire, writes, “Meow, you’re adorable! Can you tell me where you got your collar from? It’s so cute, and I want one like yours.”

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