Despite being born without a jaw, Isaiah Acosta managed to discover a method of making himself heard by others.

On October 31, 1999, Isaiah Acosta’s birth astonished both doctors and his parents due to his distinct physical appearance. Remarkably, Isaiah entered the world without a jaw, adding to the complexity of his premature birth and a 15 minute period of oxygen deprivation.

The doctors presented a choice to Isaiah’s parents regarding their son’s chances of survival. Despite the doctors’ belief that Isaiah wouldn’t make it, his determined parents recognized his resilience and pleaded with the medical professionals to do everything possible to save him. Although the doctors agreed, they informed the family that Isaiah would be unable to walk or speak, and his life would be confined to a bed.

Despite his inability to speak, Isaiah leads a remarkably fulfilling life. He relies on a breathing tube and has never experienced the sensation of eating. Instead, he receives nutrition through a feeding tube attached to his abdomen six times daily. Despite these challenges, Isaiah, now 22 years of age, achieved the milestone of graduating from high school and accomplished an extraordinary feat as the world’s first renowned rapper who is unable to vocalize.

In a documentary exploring her son’s life, Tarah, Isaiah’s mother, expressed, “Every internal aspect of his body is a mirrored image, reversed. From his stomach to his heart, everything.”

During a 2017 documentary, Chris, one of Isaiah’s high school teachers, remarked, “Isaiah exhibits enthusiasm and a readiness to engage every day at school. He unifies his community and draws people in with his captivating story; they genuinely desire to be in his presence.”

Due to his inability to breathe through his nose or mouth, Isaiah is more prone to illness compared to others, particularly during the chilly winters in Arizona.

Music stands as one of Isaiah’s most profound passions. Despite his inability to sing using his own voice, he persists in creating music and crafting lyrics. Through the collaboration with rapper Tikey “Trap House” Patterson, who lent his voice to Isaiah’s initial rap, this remarkable young man found a means to “sing.”

Isaiah’s life narrative is nothing short of miraculous, captivating, and inspiring. He maintains a strong presence on social media, where he boasts a substantial following.

On Instagram in 2022, he disclosed that he had undergone a nasal procedure aimed at enabling him to potentially breathe through his nose for the first time.

With each passing day, this resilient individual continues to defy the expectations of medical professionals, triumphing over numerous obstacles encountered throughout his life.

For further insight into his life, please refer to the video provided below.

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