Despite all the challenges, I’m Thankful

This pandemic has played a major toll on all of our lives. Many have lost their job, many are still working and at risk, and sadly we’ve lost so many people to Coronavirus. Each day when we listen to the news, we hear more heartbreak. Everything has changed. There is no traffic on the roads, smiles have turned to frowns, the people we see are covered in masks and many businesses have been forced to shut their door. We all are dealing with mixed feelings, we are angry, sad and uncertain of when this will ever end. I cannot speak for others, but I know God is still good. Everyday He has still blessed me and my family. He’s providing for my every need, he’s keeping my family safe, he’s giving me strength to keep going when I feel I can’t endue anymore. I thank Him everyday for the protection He brings to me and my family. We might be locked in place, but we have each other, we have God and we trust in Him that better days are ahead. Amen