Dear God, heal every person before this month ends

Dear God before this month ends, I pray for every person who lives in pain. I ask you to heal their pain and lead them to a better life. Amen!

June is the sixth month and the end of the second quarter of the year. June etymologically symbolizes the month of many celebrations, and I believe three days is enough for something big to come your way.

7 Prayers for July

1. May your health improve.

2. May your friends be blessed.

3. May your family be loved.

4. May your finances multiply.

5. May your pains be less.

6. May your worries disappear.

7. May you be blessed.

Dear God, I know that pains differ. Some may be going through the pain of heartbreak. Pain of lack. Pain of misfortune, and a lot of pains. What I ask from you is to bless them beyond measures that they will have a remarkable reason to look back at June and say it was the month God turn away their captivity.

Many have known you as the God of the 11th hour, you came through for the Hebrew children when no one least expected, and I believe for the ones you have shed your blood for, you can exceed their expectations and grant them a lasting reason to be joyful.

Lord, a pain in one’s heart can lead one to the wrong direction, give them direction and heal them and grant them the desire of their heart. Amen!

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