Daddy and daughter


My dad is the best man I have ever known; I never believed in soul connection, but I grew up to experience one.

He is a man who knew me to the core and could go at any length to see smiles on my face. I couldn’t have asked for a better dad if not him.

All my life no one ever showed me so much love like my dad did. He lost my mom at childbirth and he never for once blamed me for taking the life of his spouse or took comfort in alcohol or in the hands of another woman.

He is my king in shining armor and I will never for once doubt his decisions for me.

At some points, during my teenage days, I thought he was too clingy and over-protective; I can remember telling him that he should get a life and keep off my business.

Growing up I regretted those words, and I knew better than anyone he was a guardian angel and was looking out for me.

He always resolved to dialogue instead of beatings; at some points people will always tell him that I could be a bad child, that no child ever raised by a single parent turns out well, coupled with the fact he wasn’t beating me.

They will always remind him not to spare the rod or else they spoil the child. This very passage is often misinterpreted; it doesn’t necessarily mean beating your children. I thank God for having a loving dad who groomed me into a successful woman today.

I owe it all to him and I thank him for not giving up on me even when I was at my first. Thank you, dad.   

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