Customers express anger regarding a door sign, but the restaurant’s response is remarkably clever.

Some of you might be familiar with the veterans’ discount. Our secure and lawful society is made possible by the dedicated men and women who serve in the police force.

Numerous individuals feel they receive inadequate pay, even though their occupation is one of the most challenging and vital in our country.

An Ohio-based KFC restaurant recently joined in on the trend, and after they displayed the sign, it sparked numerous online responses.

Usually, regardless of the time or date, the store’s practice was to provide complimentary meals to anyone in uniform. The initial concept was to extend a discount on chicken as a gesture of gratitude to local law enforcement officers. Soon, this updated policy was about to gain more online attention.

Numerous conversations were initiated when this picture was shared on a Facebook group named “Ohio Going Blue.”

Despite receiving more than 10,000 likes and 6,000 shares, a wide range of opinions were expressed.

Commenters questioned the need to provide this offer to the police, while some mentioned that, as officers, they would rather not receive special treatment and would prefer to pay for their meals themselves. Comments from the Facebook page administrators included:

“This post conveys a positive message, but some of you might not grasp the broader perspective. Personally, as a police officer, I never enter any establishment with the expectation of receiving anything for free, whether I’m in uniform or not. Many of my fellow officers share this sentiment. We’re not comfortable with receiving ‘special treatment.’ The purpose of this post is to highlight KFC’s recognition of law enforcement. To those who suggested that other first responders should also be acknowledged, my response is a resounding ‘YES.'”

Despite garnering significant media attention, the sign will continue to be displayed in the store.

This sign serves as a salute to those officers who risk their lives, expressing our appreciation for their dedication.

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