Character is what makes a man

My son walked up to me and asked me what truly makes a man. It was a tricky question, as every man has different components.

Some are natural decodings on their DNA, some are the harmful components they let into their lives and let it change them.

Money doesn’t make a man; muscles don’t make a man, tattoos don’t make a man, character is what makes a man.

Let a man’s character be his currency that will tell you what he’s really worth.

When I look at the way the world is going; I am sure there will be more ill-bred and confused men in the future.

The women are brought up on how to run the family, be a good wife, and how to build a good home, what about the men.

Most times, we believe it isn’t necessary and they should emulate from the actions of their father, but sometimes people never learn until they are told.

Character speaks for us everywhere we go; our character defines us and builds our reputation. What can people say about you in your absence? Are you a man of good character or a man of questionable character?

Character is what makes a man, and only through that can a man’s worth be defined. The amount of dollars pilled up at your account doesn’t define you; it will go away with time. Your affluence doesn’t define you, they are all vanity.

Character is a priceless asset; it can never be bought, it makes a man and you should be of good character.

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