Challenges make us stronger

Our paths through life aren’t always rosy; there can be thorns along the way.

Obstacles seem to cloud every step we take in life, but it all happens for a reason.

These challenges are there to make us stronger through our journey of life.

Our growth is shown by how we stand after each fall. Success isn’t measured by how perfect the going was; it is measured by how many times you stood up after each fall.

Challenges help to teach us how to make lemonades out of lemon in every situation in life.   

Challenges help to make us stronger in case the worse surfaces.

Life isn’t what it always seems to be. Growing up with a golden spoon, I never knew what hustling was or how difficult life could be. I had everything at my beck and call as an only child. I thought everything will always be so till I lost my parents, and was left at the mercy of my aunts and uncles.

Two weeks living with one of my uncles changed my view about life. He knew how spoilt I was and bent on changing me for the better. At first, I thought it was wickedness, but now I know better.   

I have never lifted a bucket in my life until I got to live with him. He showed me another part of life. A life I never imagined existed. I learned how to work on my own. He taught me how to be independent.

The loss of my parents was the most significant loss of my life; I was challenged to become a better person without their care and support. With the help of loved ones, I’m a better person today.

Sometimes, challenges are there for the better; they tend to make us stronger.   


  1. Yes , without challenges I would be a different person. My thinking is the truth of all this is after a hard fall pick yourself back up and keep on moving forward in life . Adversity has given me challenges making me a better person.

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