Candace Cameron Bure is standing firm despite criticism for sharing ‘inappropriate’ photos with her husband.

Lately, Candace Cameron Bure has been in the spotlight a bunch.

The actress recently got attention for saying things about “traditional marriage” that upset some fans.

Now, people are chatting online about a photo of her marriage.

Despite being married for nearly 20 years, they still prioritize each other and strive to maintain a strong bond.

Bure shared a playful side of their marriage on Instagram, but some viewers took offense, leading to backlash against the actress.

Fans told her that the picture wasn’t right for a ‘Christian star’ like her. But she responded to critics, saying, “Sorry if it offended you… I’m not really sorry,” and laughed in a video on her Instagram stories. She added, “I’m happy that we still have fun together after all these years.”

She said she was just showing what a “good and healthy marriage” looks like after 24 years.

“It’s funny to me because he’s my husband,” she added in another Instagram video. “He can hug me whenever he wants, and I hope he does.”

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