Can you identify the strange part of this picture that’s making everyone uncomfortable?

The best approach to keep the memories of the happy times in our lives is through pictures. Even professional photographers are frequently employed by families to capture how they look when they smile for the camera. Most frequently, family members and friends can view these pictures on social media. They collect a lot of likes and comments along the way.

Many people were interested in a particular snapshot of a family of five for a very particular reason.

The picture initially appears to be entirely normal; it features a father, a mother holding a baby in her arms, two sisters, and their dog.

But upon a closer look, a scary detail that is difficult to describe may be seen.

The younger sister is being embraced by a hand on the left side of the image, but that hand does not belong to anyone in the picture. Who then might it be?

Well, some people think it could be a ghost, and those who don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural think it could have been edited.

Whatever it is, the image caused controversy on the Internet and quickly went viral.

Take a look and make your own decision. Is there any way to explain that?

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