Build yourself in private

Date in private. Love in private. Be happy in
private. Live in private. Make money in private. Take your losses in private. Rebuild yourself in private.

I was always this loud fellow who won’t stop boasting to my friends how far I have gone in life or how much I have acquired.

I never saw it as something wrong, I was happy telling my friends my achievements without thinking it affected them in any way. I felt they were genuinely happy for me, and always gave them a heads up on how my life was moving.

I was never the type of person that could doubt someone’s royalty or try to read in-between lines; I believed they were my friends and we were meant to have each other’s back.

I never for once thought they would ever mastermind my downfall or do things that could hurt me to the core.

I was in high spirits as I entered my place of work, amidst the looks my colleagues were giving me; I didn’t care, I was happy because my fiancée has accepted my proposal during the weekend.

On getting to my office, my secretary informed me that my boss demanded me to be in his office. I thought he wanted to continue with his sermons of always telling me to mind who I keep as friends, and I felt myself being dragged to his office.

On getting to his office he was furious and the first picture he threw at me was a picture of I and his wife. I tried explaining to him, that it isn’t what he thinks, but he was having none of it. I lost my job, and on getting home my fiancée was nowhere to be found.

I saw the pictures of I and my boss wife in a compromising position. I knew better than anyone it was my friends that took the pictures and set me up. I never knew she was my boss’s wife.

Ever since then I date in private, celebrate in private, love in private, be happy in private, make money in private, mourn my losses in private, and build myself in private.

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