Being liked by a man and valued by a man

There is a difference between being liked by a man and valued by a man. A lot of guys can like you, but not everyone values you. Most times we often confuse being liked and wanted with being loved, valued, and respected.

My first relationship taught me a lot and I was often amazed at my display of foolishness, but I know better now.

My first relationship was an eye-opener and most times I regret my actions and whatever I did back then, but it still helped me to move forward and have more knowledge as experience is the best teacher.

I was in love with a man who didn’t know my worth or value me; he only liked the comfort and money I bring to the table.

I was willing to go any length for this man, but little did I know he wouldn’t even lose a strand of his hair for my sake.

I was blindly in love with him that I failed to notice I was worthless in his eyes.

He treated me like trash, I felt he could change, I thought that loved changes all things and people, and it won’t be an exception.

I had to walk away when he kept on going out with different ladies and even telling them I was the one after him and not the other way round.

He described me as a desperate woman who knows nothing about the world but just wants a man by her side.

He insulted me and crushed my ego; I walked away and never looked back; I knew I was an asset, I deserve to be valued and respected.


  1. I can definitely relate to most of what you wrote about your 1st relationship. The value of me is not known right now and I keep continuing to go to all and any lengths for him and I too keep thinking love can change all things but, I’m finding myself very, very all of my utillitiy pmts and my vehicle loan pmt that I just got in January and my insurance. I’m struggling to afford my medication co-pays and I’ve gotta take them on a daily or nightly basis and simply necessities. Things that I wasn’t struggling with and bills that I was current on beforehand and still had money leftover and I live strictly on my Disability which isn’t much to have to survive off of and that’s why I’ve gotta stay on a budget with my income.

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