Behind Every Big, Sister is a Crazier Younger Sister

There is a relationship between sisters that can only be described as unique. Younger sisters find themselves looking up to their big sisters as role models. They will go their big sisters for advice on clothes, boys and other things they can not boldly ask their mum. While big sisters usually play the mummy roles in the relationship, it is quite normal to see the younger sister acting as the defender.

Even if both sisters look alike, it is easy to tell who the big sister is. She is the one who is usually playing the mother’s role. You will see her trying to put her younger ones in check and manage them. She is the one they usually run to in the absence of the mom. Big sisters quickly switch into mummy mode when it comes to issues surrounding their younger ones.

Big sisters also come off as strict and straightlaced. That is because the need to be the perfect child, and a good example for their younger ones is continuously drilled into them. The big sister has to act right. She must not be caught doing certain things Younger sisters, on the other hand, tend to be carefree. Parents tend to be less strict as they give birth to more kids. Without any expectations or sense of responsibility, younger sisters tend to have a different outlook on life. They are seen to have a more down to earth personality.

While most big sisters will be described as responsible and matured, it is quite normal for a lot of younger sisters to be described as the exact opposite. Mess with the big sister. Despite most big sisters playing the role of a mother and generally being the one the younger ones run to, younger sisters have been known to defend their big sisters. It is not uncommon to see a younger sister step up and defend her big sister.

Younger sisters are quick to act and will do whatever they need to do to protect their big sisters. Between both sisters, it is normal to see a big sister who appears to be cool, calm, and collected, avoid confrontation and fights. The younger sister, on the other hand, would most likely throw caution to the wind. Do not think of messing with the big sister.

Her demeanor might make her look gentle and harmless, and that might be true. Unfortunately or fortunately, behind every big sister is a crazy younger sister. A younger sister takes the job of defending her big sister seriously. Perhaps, the big sister has been conditioned to not fight. She has been told not to be dramatic. It is not the same with the younger sister.

It might be a bit odd that the younger sister defends and fights for her big sister, but if you have ever seen the Animation: Frozen, you will understand. Big sisters are like mothers, nurturing and caring Younger sisters are more or less adorable rebels, who eventually defend their big sisters.