Before she dies, The newborn baby smiles in her arms. She adored him so much.

When Teegan Barnard, Abbie Hallawell’s 17 years old daughter, became pregnant, their lives were about to be forever altered.

Despite the fact that it was meant to be a celebration, but turned into a tragedy when the young mother’s cardiac arrest.

She died shortly after giving birth to her son, Parker John, despite the efforts of her doctors to save her.

Teegan was able to hold her child in her arms just before she passed away. Abbie, her mother, made it a point to take pictures of her daughter and grandson as a remembrance.

Abbie was aware that her daughter would be the best mother. She and her son in law talk about Teegan as much as possible as Parker gets older.

They want Parker to know how much his mother loved him, even though he is still too young to know what happened to her mother.

Parker is frequently wear the clothes with the photo of his mother printed on them so he can always keep her close to him.

In one of the photos, Parker can be seen smiling at his mother, a memory he will always treasure.

Rest in peace, Teegan.

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