Beauty isn’t about physical looks

Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a good soul.

My grandma will always say that beauty lies in the soul and not in one’s physical features. There was beauty pageantry I attended and I was surprised by the number of beautiful ladies that graced the contest.

They were all tried in different ways and it was hard to choose a winner; they were subjected to the last test, which was the test of kindness. They were all left to tour the vicinity and come back to their abode before the end of the day, and the judges had their eyes on them.

There was always a poor woman who sat not so far from the large hall, she was ailing, blind, and needed someone to help her home. She begged the girls as they passed, but they all called her old, dirty, and ugly and didn’t want her to taint their silky smooth bodies.

It was only but one girl that stood out from the crowd and helped her, when her mates saw her doing so, they ridiculed her and reminded her that she was the least attractive amongst them and will soon be evicted.

These words didn’t stop her from helping the old woman and at that moment the judges knew they have found a winner. When she was proclaimed the winner, there was a huge uproar in the hall and people demanded the conditions that made her get the crown.

The judges took their time to praise her for being so beautiful; both her heart and physical looks are gold. They told the other girls that physical looks would take them to high places, but only the beauty of their hearts could keep them there. It was indeed a big lesson to all, always show kindness.


  1. For me, Beautiful is always beautiful but in the inner Parr of your warm heart is important assets of a person.As the saying said: Beauty is useless but character is the best……

  2. Always wondered why God created physical beauty, since it is always downplayed in the scriptures, and frowned upon by the wisest people in the world.

  3. That would never happen in a real pageant and that is so sad, but it’s true! I’d love to see a pageant with the winner being whoever spent the last ten years of their life doing the most for others but not know how they are being judged until the night of the pageant.

    Entry= enter who you think is beautiful and why?

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