Your Actions are what You Will be Remembered for

Actions they say, speak louder than words.

Whatever you do, good or bad, your actions are what people will remember you by.

It is easier and more likely for people to remember what you have done to them rather than who you are.

When you treat a person wrongly, they will not remember if you own a fleet of cars. Whenever they think about you, they are reminded of the hurt they experienced with you.

The same way we are remembered for our kindness. When we treat people with kindness, we leave them with a lasting memory.

The fact is no matter how you treat a person, they will remember you by that action.

Why not choose to show kindness?

Above status and success attained.

We all want to be successful. Even though our definitions of success may vary, we all desire to be successful. The desire to be successful fuels our day to day action.

Some people envision the kind of success that gives them wealth, and others envision success as something that makes them powerful or famous.

Some persons view success as a journey while some see it as a destination.

Regardless of what your view of success is, it will drive your actions.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and working towards it.

The problem comes when we disregard human kindness and compassion in our climb to the top.

No matter the level of success you attain in life, it is the kindness or lack of it that you show to people that they will remember you by.

In our pursuit of success and status, we can be kind and compassionate. We can choose the road of being humane.

It is quite saddening that a lot of successful persons are known for their lack of kindness.

Being kind doesn’t make you weak; it doesn’t dampen your ability to become successful. On the contrary, kindness opens doors and opportunities. A simple, random act of kindness can cause someone to remember and recommend you for a great opportunity.

There are a lot of people whose life-changing opportunity came as a result of the recommendation of someone who they had shown kindness to.

Footprints in the sands.

Our actions are like footprints in the sand, and like footprints, we leave impressions of our actions wherever we go.

When we act in a certain way where we are, people will remember us for our actions. We leave an impression of who we are behind, everywhere we pass.

Live we kindness. Lead with kindness. Work with kindness. Salt your words with compassion. Buttress your points with kindness. Show love. Put people above things. Use things and love people. Not the other way round. Do not pursue success and throw kindness and compassion to the wind.

Leave behind goo footprints in the hearts of those you come across.

Strive to be remembered as one who is kind and compassionate. In the end, we are all we got, and the best gifts we can give is ourselves and our actions.


  1. Thank You for That AWESOME Article on Kindness!! I Wholeheartedly Agree!! I Always Try My Best to Be Kind To Everyone!!! KINDNESS MATTERS!! I Always Say to My Kids THANK GOD FOR KIND NICE PEOPLE!! AMEN!!! Wendy ARNOLD Norfolk Ma

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