Be good because you are a good person

If someone treats you badly, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Normal people don’t go around destroying other people; they are good to others.

The best sets of humans are those who have been truly a lot, but they didn’t let situations change them; they were still good.

Life will always come with storms, thorns, challenges, and hurdles, but that shouldn’t change us.

Everything will pass through in life works in our favor; experience is the best teacher, these lessons help us not to repeat the same mistakes, and also to see life from different angles.

Situations shouldn’t change us to be bad; they should make us see reasons not to treat people wrongly.

Be a good person because you are a human and meant to treat everyone as such.

In life tables turn a lot; be good to people because they might be your helpers tomorrow.

No one is sure of what life will bring the next moment; be good to people because it will surely give you peace of mind knowing someone isn’t hurting because of you.

Be good to people so that people will be good to you; you can never receive what you didn’t give out.

Life doesn’t revolve around us, it involves others too, be good to people you will sleep happier that way.

God doesn’t come in his true self; he might come in the form of people you despise the most; be good to people so you won’t lose your blessings.

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